Construction Company

We aim to bring our wealth of experience to the management of any construction or remodeling Project

This leaves our customers to continue with their core daily activities unimpeded by unnecessary distractions. Delancor Group Services undertake home renovations, property construction / alteration projects and contract management.

Engaging with DSG means that you have instant access to our broad range of Construction Management expertise
This means we are able to provide you with high-calibre teams for a wide range of projects. In addition, you will work alongside our dedicated Project Manager who is focussed on building a lasting client relationship.

Construction Company in UK - Extensive Project Management

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide clients with absolute certainty in the supply of high quality construction work. Whether home refurbishment, New Build or commercial projects

To achieve this requires our wealth of experience, excellent communication skills and a truly professional approach.

We believe that the construction process benefits from a true team approach, and partnering with clients and construction professionals is our intention in order to benefit our clients.

Dedicated small works department

Our dedicated small works department has extensive project management experience and specialises in small works projects.

We regularly complete small works for our clients from kitchen refurbishment, bathroom changes and room painting

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any small works you may have now or in the future.